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One of the ways in which IER educates the public is by responding to written фото шикарной эротикиnone for technical assistance about the anti-discrimination provision. Click below for a technical assistance letter issued by IER.

June 15, whether employer may prefer certain classes of nonimmigrant visaholders over other classes of nonimmigrant visaholders. March 31, requesting documents for export control purposes and proposed questions for applicants and new hires to identify the need for a license under export control laws. December 22, whether employer may terminate U. January 7, request for alternate documentation following I-9 audit. September 12, whether running E-Verify cases on current employees pursuant to state law violates the anti-discrimination provision of the INA.

January 8, discrimination concerns related to an employee providing employer with new documents and explaining that the documents originally presented were not фото шикарной эротикиnone.

August 24, how staffing company should respond to request фото шикарной эротикиnone client to run temporary employees through E-Verify. April 15, whether certain provisions of Texas executive order conflict with federal E-Verify obligations and possibility for violating the anti-discrimination provision.

Фото шикарной эротикиnone 30, employer discovers that it previously overdocumented employees. December 30, request for additional documentation during internal audit. August 19, asking for and including OPT application and approval dates in an international student registry made available to prospective employers. April 30, whether an employer may decline to hire an F-1 student visa holder on OPT because of limited time left on visa.

November 20, U.

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September 25, reverifying employment authorization documents of refugees and asylees. September 5, reverifying a permanent resident card presented by a conditional resident.

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August 20, guidance on prepopulation of Section 1 of the Form I November 1, whether employer may фото шикарной эротикиnone for different documents if document presented does not appear to be genuine.

September 30, running job applicants who have received an offer of employment through E-Verify and SSNVS before allowing them to work.

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September 30, whether employer can фото шикарной эротикиnone a job applicant how much time left on H1B visa. September 30, whether employer фото шикарной эротикиnone reject foreign national job applicant bacause it does not wish to sponsor the candidate for visa but does sponsor some employees.

September 6, pre-employment inquiries related to immigration status. August 6, requiring a university degree from a U. September 30, discrimination фото шикарной эротикиnone of an employer sharing I-9 Forms with private payroll card system vendors.

May 30, whether employer may share its I-9 Forms with private vendor that performs check-issuing service and needs to verify identity of employees. April 9, whether фото шикарной эротикиnone federal agency can prefer a U. November 1, constructive knowledge and dishonesty policy.

January 5, requesting documentation outside of the list of acceptable documents. December 1, when employer may lawfully re-verify or request additional documentation from an employee. May 18, whether employer faces liability when refusing to accept valid EAD from applicant based on actual knowledge that an individual is not work-authorized.

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May 2, how staffing companies should respond to employers who make discriminatory staffing requests based фото шикарной эротикиnone citizenship status. March 28, whether employer can base hiring decisions on ability to read, write and speak English. February 6, using acceptable language for job postings in which employer can only consider U. December 22, whether employer may narrow the list of accepted documents in order to prove U.

September 10, Deferred Фото шикарной эротикиnone for Childhood Arrivals as related to discrimination concerns. August 21, whether employer may require Social Security numbers for an "electronic payroll system", even though Social Security numbers are not required for employment eligibility.

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August 2, whether employer may retain copies of E-Verify photo matching фото шикарной эротикиnone documents, but not retain copies of other I-9 documents.

January 24, whether employer discriminates by requesting documents beyond Form I-9 requirements to prove job creation as EB-5 Visa holder. October 4, discriminatory I-9 practices with regard to invalid Puerto Rican birth certificates. July 1, permissible employer action if employee фото шикарной эротикиnone not able to resolve Social Security Number no-match within a reasonable period of time.

April 27, question about "no-match" guidance and permissible employer action when employee with no-match provides new Social Security number. August 19, whether a union can encourage or require members to use E-Verify Self-check. July 22, whether contractor may ask for E-Verify related documentation from employees of subcontractor.

July 26, whether employer can legally terminate employee who lied on application regarding future need of employer sponsorship. December 22, legality of subcontractors furnishing its I-9 forms and their attachments to general contractors. June 22, whether employers must re-verify seasonal employees who are laid off and return to work the next season.

June 10, internal I-9 audit and honesty policy. March 29, acceptable documents for Form I March 24, when Form I-9 can be completed. March 23, employer responsibilities with respect to employee who present temporary evidence of employment authorization in the Form I-9 process.

February 3, employer anti-discrimination obligations фото шикарной эротикиnone responding to a "Notice of Suspect Documents" issued фото шикарной эротикиnone ICE. September 27, employer фото шикарной эротикиnone that it will not employ persons who require visa sponsorship.

August 19, contractor requiring assigned employees of subcontractor to be U. July 2, whether an employer may terminate a non-immigrant visa holder who lies on the application about authorization to work in фото шикарной эротикиnone U.

June 29, pre-hire questions that make clear that an employer will not hire applicants who require sponsorship for nonimmigrant visas as well as applicants holding an "open market Employment Authorization Document". Quiz" for prospective or newly hired employees to prevent identity fraud.

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March 25, state agency notification to employer of Social Security number mismatch for employee. March 3, city and county notification to employer of Social Security number mismatch for employees. April 21, whether employer can terminate employee who fails фото шикарной эротикиnone take action following receipt of E-Verify TNC.

March фото шикарной эротикиnone, when a federal contractor may rely on previously completed Form I-9 to run E-Verify query. April 29, honesty policy.

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